13.8 Million Dollars Back to Your Community in 2015

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We all love shopping at Smith's right? But, did you know that Smith's is one of the leaders in community participation. I was recently in Smith's corporate office and was amazed at to find out the figure that Smith's has given back to our local community. 12.3 million dollars given to Children's Hospitals, Food Banks, the USO, the American Cancer Society to name a few throughout Utah, Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico, Montana, Arizona, Wyoming and New Mexico.

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And that doesn't include the nearly 1.5 million that was donated to education and other community programs through their community rewards programs. A whopping 13.8 million dollars given to better families lives.

“Smith’s is gratified by the loyalty of our customers to drive donations to local charities,” said Marsha Gilford, Smith’s vice president public affairs. “The Smith’s Community Rewards Program helps customers effectively support a cause that is most important to them.”

If you haven't yet, make sure to link your Smith's shoppers card to their Community Rewards program. This program is completely free for you and, as you can see, will have a huge impact on the community. 

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To help your favorite organization, just link your card to the participating charity or cause of your choice. Then every time you shop, Smith's will make a donation. It's free for you to participate. There are hundreds of causes on the list including Utah Food Bank, Big Brothers, Big Sisters, local schools, animal shelters and many many more.

How to start participating:
*1 - Log into your Smith's account (or sign up and link your Smith's rewards card)
*2 - Click on your name on the top right and scroll to the bottom of the page
*3 - Click on "enroll" under community rewards and choose the organization you want to support.

You can find a list of the charities for your area at this link here.

Join the Community Rewards Program >>
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  1. Thanks for letting us know about this opportunity. I have been a Smiths shopper for a while and had no idea it was this easy to help!
    • You're welcome. I think it's a really neat program.
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