New Ziploc Catalina Coming to Smith’s

Ziploc Catalina Smiths

There’s a new Catalina offer at Smith’s for Ziploc bags. Note that this one doesn’t start until 2/22. Keep it in mind to pair with any upcoming sales. Check out the full list of Catalina’s spotted on this post here.

Ziploc brand Bags or Containers, valid 2/22 to 3/20
Buy 2 = $2.00 Smith’s Store Coupon
Buy 3+= $3.00 Smith’s Store coupon

Catalina’s are a great way to get additional savings on products. You can pair them with coupons and get items for pennies on the $1.00!

We count on readers to help us find these. If you get a print out at the register that announces one, please email us a picture of post it on our Facebook page. Thanks!

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