Arrowhead 100% Natural Spring Water 12-pack, 8 oz Bottles ONLY $1.12 at Smith’s!


Starting today there is a Catalina generating on these smaller 12-pack bottles of water. There aren’t any mainstream coupons I’m aware of, but with the Catalina offer you will be able to grab these for $1.12 per pack (regular $3.19)!

Catalina Details:
Buy Arrowhead 100% Natural Spring Water
(8 oz. 12-packs, 700 ml 6-packs or 12 oz. 12-packs)
Buy 2 = $0.75 Smith’s Coupon
Buy 3 or more = $1.00 Smith’s Coupon


4 thoughts on “Arrowhead 100% Natural Spring Water 12-pack, 8 oz Bottles ONLY $1.12 at Smith’s!”

  1. How should I be receiving the smiths coupon? Twice now I’ve expected a coupon back and so today I asked the cashier if there should have been a catalina coupon on the water and she said no. I came back to look and you list it as a Smiths coupon. Is there somewhere I can reference to the store to show that I should get a coupon?

    1. I call it a Smith’s coupon because it is like cash but can ONLY be used at Smith’s stores. They are Catalina coupons that print out at the register after you pay. There is a small gray box next to the cashier that has a bright green light when turned on. If you don’t receive a Catalina coupon you are expecting you can do two things. First, go over to the customer service booth and explain that you were expecting a Catalina coupon to print from your purchase. If the item on the shelf was tagged advertising the Catalina, Smith’s will almost always give you cash back on the spot. The second thing you can do is save your receipt and submit a claim to the Catalina marketing company. If they find you met the purchase requirements they will mail your Catalina coupon to you.

    2. It’s also important to note that while MOST Catalinas will printing in all areas, sometimes the offers will not be available in all areas. So, testing a Catalina coupon is always somewhat risky. You can always return the products after purchasing if you find the Catalina is not printing in your area. I almost always try to take care of it before I leave the store, unless it’s an item I need or use anyways. I hope all the info helps!

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