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Here are some photos of just a part of my stockpile hanging around my house. And, yes... Sometimes I do just stare at my stockpiles with a huge grin on my face and at the same time patting myself on the back! I've heard it all - "WOW, I'm totally jealous," or, "Girl, are you crazy?" Yes, I am CRAZY and super passionate about saving money - and LOTS of it! I am also super passionate about sharing my little secret with everyone who will listen. Thus, one of the reasons this little blog was born.

We here at Crazy 4 Smith's are dedicated to helping you find the BEST Smith's deals and helping you build your own little stockpile one deal at a time. So, what are the benefits of having a stockpile? Isn't the answer obvious? I often wonder how it is to live like this: "Crap, I just used the last roll of our toilet paper!" Or, just simply providing the personal care products needed for a family without the teenage daughter having to say, "Mom, we need more tampons." (Oh, how embarrassing)! It's so AWESOME and completely satisfying to have your own little "mini mart" at home when you run out of things. Plus, it takes the stress out of needing to hurry and run to the store for an item, because it almost NEVER happens. I have enough stress already in my life!


One of the biggest benefits is not having to worry about paying full price for things, especially personal care products. The price tags in the stores, even WalMart, just absolutely make me cringe! I cannot believe the majority of people pay those price! It's lunacy, I say! Once you really delve into coupon-ing, you'll realize how easy it is to to get the majority of personal care products for pennies or even FREE lots of times.

Another benefit: Because I save so much money on personal care, household care and shelf-stable groceries - I can very comfortably provide LOTS of healthy fresh foods and meat products for my family. It's even easier now with all the FRESH produce money saving offers Ibotta and other money saving apps provide. My family eats fresh produce that's in season, because you can often find great sale prices for these items. If I happen to find a great sale price on meat, then I stock my freezers. One of my favorite ways to save on meat is purchasing from Zaycon Foods. The meat is high-quality and reasonably priced (especially the chicken breasts).

I hope our passion for savings will motivate you to save lots of money on all your families needs! Our goal is to make it easy for all of you to build an amazing stockpile. Happy Coupon-ing everyone!


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4 Responses

  1. Love it! Thanks for your hard work saving us all money. My husband actually recently complained about my stock of disposable razors. (They were free!!) He said it was a little overwhelming to think of how many years it would take him to go through it. Ha! He never complains about our stock of cereal! :D
    • Heather
      Haha! That's what I love about razor deals - they NEVER go bad! It's nice to have so many, because you will never have to buy until they're free again. Even if that sale doesn't come around again for a couple years! Happy Couponing!
  2. I absolutely LOVE your blog! I used to think that couponing couldn't possibly be used on stuff I actually need. I was completely wrong. Thank you for all of your hard work and for sharing your secrets.
    • Heather
      Thank you! So glad you find the website useful - Happy Couponing :)
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