*NEW COUPON* Cascadian Farm Granola Bars ONLY 82¢ Each!


Combine this *NEW* $1/1 coupon with the mega price and the Catalina going on. You will score Cascadian Farms granola bars for 82¢ a box!

Buy Cascadian Farm Products
Effective through 2/3
Buy 3 or more = $2.00 Catalina

Classico Pasta Sauce 99¢ a Jar with Smith’s Mega Sale!


There are so many awesome Catalina deals that overlap with this Mega Sale! Here’s another one I need to share with you all. The jars of Classico Pasta Sauce are $1.49 after mega savings discount, but our final price will be 99¢ each when combined with the Catalina savings! Deal below:

Buy Classico Pasta Sauces Catalina
Effective through 2/8
Buy 2 = $1.00 Catalina
Buy 3 = $1.50 Catalina
Buy 4 or more = $2.00 Catalina


Hi-C Juice Boxes Catalina = 99¢ Smith’s Mega Sale Deal (regular $1.99)!

hic catalina

There aren’t any available coupons for these Hi-C Juice Boxes, but you’re still going to save loads of money when you combine the new Catalina savings with the mega sale price. Check it out below!

I bought 2 boxes and that’s what I’ve listed in my scenario, but you can also buy 3 or 4 boxes and they’ll be the same price after Catalina!

Buy Minute Maid or Hi-C juice Boxes Catalina (10 count)
Effective through 2/18
Buy 2 = $1 Catalina at checkout
Buy 3 = $1.50 Catalina at checkout
Buy 4 or more = $2 Catalina at checkout

hi c


Herbal Essences Hair Care as Low as 49¢ Each!


Combine that $3/2 digital coupon with the P&G Catalina that ends today (1/24) and you will score Herbal Essences products for ONLY 49¢ each!

Catalina Details: Buy P&G Beauty or Personal Care Items
Effective 1/7 – 1/24
Buy 3 = $3.00 Catalina

Gerber Graduates Food Items as Low as 37¢ Each!


Several Gerber Graduates Items are included in the mega sale. Print this coupon and combine it with the Catalina that just started and you will pay as low as 37¢ each!

Catalina Details: Buy participating Gerber Graduates Meals, Snacks, or Sides
Effective through 2/18
Buy 5 = $2 Catalina
Buy 7 = $3 Catalina
Buy 10 or more = $4 Catalina

Nestle Pure Life Water (24-pack) 63¢ each at Smith’s ~ Starts TODAY 1/24!!!

pure life cat

This deal was in the match-ups list I posted the other day, but I wanted to highlight it in it’s own post, since we don’t see deals like this very often. These 24-packs on Nestle Pure Life Water are going to cost as low as 63¢ each after coupon and Catalina offer when the new buy 6, save $3 mega sale started today, 1/24.

That’s a CRAZY price and you’d better get your coupons ready now to snag the deal once the sale starts!


Catalina Details: Buy participating Nestle Pure Life Water Multipacks (8 oz multipacks, 24 ct or higher & .5 liter multipacks, 15 ct or higher)
Effective through 2/18
Buy 2 = $1 Catalina
Buy 3 = $2 Catalina
Buy 4 or more = $3 Catalina


**If you’d rather not find 2 other mega event filler items for the above scenario, then do this deal on 6 packs of water for 88¢ each:


Pantene Products as Low as 82¢ Each – TODAY ONLY!


Combine that $3/5 digital coupon with the P&G Catalina that ends today (1/24) and you will score Pantene products for ONLY 82¢ each!

Catalina Details: Buy P&G Beauty or Personal Care Items
Effective 1/7 – 1/24
Buy 3 = $3.00 Catalina

{LAST DAY} Kimberly-Clark Catalina = Cottonelle, Viva and Kleenex Bundles as low as $3.16 each!


Right now through 2/23 Smith’s is having a 2 for $10 sale on select paper products. When you mix & match any 2 participating Cottonelle, Viva, Scott or Kleenex bundles the price for each package will drop to $5. We also have a Catalina generating on these items! Stack the sale price with some coupons and the Catalina savings to stock-up for as low as $3.16 per package! I have a deal scenario outlined for you below, along with all the available coupons for each item. You also can put your own scenarios together! Let us know what you do!

Catalina Details: Buy Kimberly-Clark Participating Paper Products Catalina
Effective through 2/23
Includes Cottonelle, Kleenex, Scott and Viva
Buy $25 or more worth in a single transaction = $5.00 Catalina at checkout


**Special NOTE: If you are planning on receiving the Catalina with your purchase, be sure your total spend is $25 or more BEFORE paper coupons and AFTER Smith’s digital offers. Digital coupons count against threshold Catalina’s and DO count against your “TOTAL” spent.

*LAST DAY* Stock Up on Baby Supplies with this TRIPLE Dip Catalina Scenario!

triple dip cat

The $10 back when you spend $30 on Huggies Catalina is still printing at Smith’s through 1/24. We also have a double-dip Baby Aisle Catalina that started! When you spend $40 on select baby aisle Products you will also receive a $10 Catalina back. PLUS, we now have a triple-dip Johnson & Johnson Catalina! When you spend $10 on select Johnson & Johnson products you will also receive a $4 Catalina back.

We’re talking rock-bottom prices for baby supplies. Stack your coupons with the sale and Catalina offers to take home 4 packs of diapers AND 3 bottles of Johnson & Johnson products for $8.93 TOTAL! Checkout how to make the deal work below:

Baby Aisle Purchase Catalina:
Effective through 1/23
Spend $40 on participating products = $10 On Your Next Order Catalina

Huggies Catalina: Buy Huggies Diapers, Wipes, Pull-ups or GoodNites Underwear (jumbo pack or larger)
Effective through 1/24
Spend $30 or more = $10 On Your Order Catalina

Johnson & Johnson Catalina:
Effective through 1/30
Spend $10 or more = $4 On Your Order Catalina

Search for more available coupons in my coupon database

**IMPORTANT: the $40 total spent is BEFORE coupons, meaning the coupons you use will NOT change the fact that you just spent $40. The only exception to this rule is your Smith’s digital coupons. These offers DO reduce your “total spent” out of pocket! For this reason I suggest not using them, and have excluded them from my scenario.

Smith’s Current List of Catalina Offers


This is the current updated list of Smith’s Catalina’s deals. A Catalina is a coupon that prints at the register during checkout. They awarded when purchasing certain quantities of specific products. You can then use the Catalina on your next purchase for anything sold in the store.

Example photo credit Coupons4Utah.com
Example photo credit Coupons4Utah.com

Keep in mind that Catalina’s are not affiliated or awarded by Smith’s. These are offered through separate company and Smith’s can not help you or provide support for these offers. We keep this list updated as hear about them. For more about Catalina’s, how they work and what to do if they don’t print visit this post here.


We depend on readers like you to keep these Catalina Deals updated with the newest deals at all your local stores. If you receive a Catalina Printout or you see a shelf tag at your store, please let us know by leaving a comment. Thanks! Also, keep in mind that we DO NOT test and confirm these. They can and do vary by state and store location. Look for an announcement for product offers and purchase requirements of Catalinas to generate with your grocery receipt at your Smith’s location.