The Cheesiest! Homemade Mac & Cheese Recipe!

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In my opinion, Trottole is the BEST pasta for making homemade mac & cheese. Of course, you can use any pasta you like, but the unique design in this pasta holds the cheese sauce really well. The pasta is included in the Smith’s Buy 5, Save $5 Mega Sale for 69ยข through 1/9, and that is a stock-up price for sure! A few of the items you’ll need to make this recipe are on sale at Smith’s right now, and I have added them to a shopping list at the bottom of this post. Put this on your menu for this week. Your family won’t be disappointed!

I LOVE the Private Selection Italian Trottole Pasta Noodles. The designer spirals, imported from Italy, are so shapely they don’t need a lot of extra ingredients to shine through in a dish. The curls help them hold melted cheese and other sauces very well.

This recipe is simple, and first you will need to make a rue. Rue is melted butter, with flour and salt & pepper whisked into it. Then, you will whisk the milk into the rue. You will continue to cook and whisk the mixture on medium-high heat until the white sauce thickens. Then, melt your cheeses into the white sauce. That’s it! Recipe below:

**Since, I personally am a no-grains, I have a killer Cauliflower Mac & Cheese recipe I make for me. Recipe HERE >>

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Shopping ingredients on sale to grab at Smith’s:


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