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Coupon Acronyms Crazy4Smiths

When you’re first learning the ropes of using coupons, it can be very daunting. There is so much to learn about printing, clipping and digital offers that it's overwhelming. Then you try reading a post and see all the coupon lingo that it may feel like you want to give up before you ever get started. Hopefully this will help, Here's a list of some of the most-used terms and abbreviations and what they mean that  you'll see and hear used by seasoned couponers on and on blogs:

Common abbriviations often used on Crazy4Smiths:

PG, P&G: Proctor and Gamble, also, the Proctor and Gamble insert found in Sunday's newspaper. You can also print various Proctor and Gamble coupons from the PG website here. They are not necessarily the same as what's in the paper.

RP: RedPlum coupon insert found in the Sunday newspaper. You can also print various RedPlum coupon from this page on our website. They are not necessarily the same.

SS: Smart Source coupon insert found in the Sunday newspaper. You can also print various Smart Source coupon from this page on our website. They are not necessarily the same.

GM: General Mills. Occasionally we will see a coupon booklet from General Mills.

.50¢/2, $1/1, etc. - This indicates the value of a coupon, .50 off 2 times or $1 off 1 item in these examples, but could be any value, $1.50/3 would be $1.50 off 3 items. and so on.

Blinkie: Coupon dispensed from a box attached to a store shelf. The term “blinkie” comes because the box holding the coupons sometimes has a blinking light.

BOGO, B1G1, B1G1F: Buy one, get 1 free. Crazy4Smith's will typically use BOGO.

CAT or Catalina: Coupons that print out of the little machine next to the register. In the case of Smith's these are often for cash off your next purchase of ANY item(s) in the store. Some will also say “manufacturer’s coupon” on them, those can only be used on that specific product. Also, look for Catalina's that make announcements for future Catalina offers.

DND: Do not double. This is an indicator to the store that the merchant will not pay the store back if the coupon is doubled. Since Smith's doesn't double you won't see us use this term, but it is included on the fine print of coupon on the lists we make.

ETS: Excludes Trial Size. This coupon can not be used for a trial size product.

Filler: An item or items you buy in order to get your total up to a certain amount or product number. In our case, we use this most often to for Mega Sale matches as suggestions of inexpensive items you can get when you need a couple more items to make the quantity required to meet the Mega Sale requirements.

NLA: No longer available. Usually refers to a printable coupon that has reached it's print limit and is not longer available to print.

OYNO: On Your Next Order. You would most likely see this lingo when we describe a Catalina offer

Peelie: A coupon that is attached to a product. These can be pealed off the product and used immediately when purchasing that specific product item.

Printable: A coupon that can be printed. You'll find the link for the coupon attached to the wording of it's value.

Q: Coupon

Regional: A coupon, coupon value, sale price or deal available in only a specific area. Also, note that our coupons listed on the match-ups are based on a national coupon database. Some may not be available in all areas.

Stacking or Stack: Using a manufacturer’s coupon in addition to a digital or store coupon to get a lower price. Note that we will ONLY list these when it is allowed by the providing companies. For example, Ibotta will allow you to submit for a rebate even if you have used a coupon; SavingStar will not unless it's a money back rebate on a certain purchase total. In our match-ups will will not post anything that isn't permitted or that skirts the rules.

Tear pad: A pad of coupons or rebate forms. These will often be attached to the store shelf. In the case of Smith's, they will occasionally have them at customer service. Just ask if they have any special coupons or rebates.

UPC: The Universal Product Code or bar code found on the item for sale.

WYB: When You Buy

Other abbreviations. We don't use these much, but you might find them on other Coupon Blogs and Websites:

AC: After coupon
AR:  After rebate
BTFE, Box Tops: Box Tops for Education
B&M:  “Brick & Mortar” store (as opposed to an online store)
CPN: Coupon
CRT: Cash register tape. Used when referring to coupons at the bottom of your receipt.
Double Coupon: A coupon which can be doubled in value
ECB:  Extra Care Bucks (CVS store equivalent to Catalina, they print on receipt)
ETA:  Edited to Add
FAR: Free After Rebate
FS: Free shipping
GC: Gift card or gift certificate
GDA, FDA, HDA: Good Deal Alert, Free Deal Alert, Hot Deal Alert
HTH: Hope That Helps
In-Ad: Coupons that come in the weekly store ad.
IVC: Instant Value Coupon (Walgreens, reference to their in-store monthly coupon booklet)
IPQ, IP: Internet Printable coupon
MFG, MFR: Manufacturer
MQ: Manufacturer’s Coupon
MIR: Mail-In Rebate
NED: No expiration date
OOP: Out of Pocket
OOS: Out of Stock
PSA: Prices Starting At
RR: Register Rewards (Walgreens, equivalent to Catalina, they  print with receipt)
SCR: Single Check Rebate (Rite Aid)
TMF: Try Me Free
Triple Coupon: A coupon which can be tripled in value
UPR: Up Rewards, a coupon you can earn on your register receipt at Rite Aid
WSL: While Supplies Last
WT, Winetag: A coupon hanging on the package of a product
V: Valassis, the parent company of Redplum.
YMMV: Your Mileage May Vary; meaning  you may or may not be successful with a particular deal or price at your store.

Hopefully this will help you the next time you're checking our Smith's match-ups or visiting another discount blog. Did we miss any. Please leave a comment and we'll add it to the list.

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