Easy & Delicious Quiche Recipe – Dozen Eggs ONLY 77¢ at Smith’s!


This week Smith’s has large dozen eggs on sale for just 77¢ (limit 4 per transaction). We use A LOT of eggs in my house and I always have between 4 and 6 dozen in my refrigerator. One of my easy go to family favorite meals for dinner is quiche. It’s so simple to whip up, and you can really add anything you want to spice it up from veggies, meats to even leftovers.

Here’s a basic cheese quiche recipe. You can simply bake it in your pie crust like this or add whatever ingredients you want to it before cooking. Last night, I made a bacon & ham quiche for the breakfast meat lovers in my family. Then, I made an asparagus and spinach quiche for my daughter and I. A lot of quiche recipes call for frozen spinach, but I prefer to use fresh. There’s a lot less less prep and it tastes better. I simply chop it up fine and throw it in! Plus, Smith’s has the 8 ounce bags of Dole spinach included in the buy 5 save $5 mega sale for just $0.99 through 3/21.

Most of the time I make my own pie crust (it’s really not difficult), but this time I opted for the easy way and bought frozen pie crusts. If you buy store-bought I would suggest getting the deep dish variety. The regular 9″ shells never seem to be quite deep enough to hold all the egg mixture. Whether you decide to do homemade or store-bought crust, your quiche will be sure to impress!

quiche baked

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