Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Printing Internet Grocery Coupons

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Printing Grocery Coupons

Printing internet coupons can be confusing and event a little scary for those just getting started. Here's a list of the most asked frequently asked questions when it comes to printing internet Grocery Questions.

*Where do I find Internet Grocery Coupons?

Finding them can be tough. You will often find printable coupons on various manufacturers websites and Facebook pages. There are also several large companies that work with manufacturers and release their coupons. The most popular and trusted are Coupons.com, Hopster.com, SmartSource.com and Redplum.com. We've teamed up with these sites, so in some cases you don't even have to leave the site to print. You will also find a massive collection of internet grocery coupons on our Printable Coupon DataBase found here.

*Why do I have to install the "Coupon Printer" to print coupons?

Coupon printer is an application that limits the number of coupons you can print.  Most vendors allow 2 prints per computer and will require you to have coupon printer installed on your computer to print coupons.  You can usually push the back button to print a second and sometimes third coupon, but sometimes you have to revisit the website to get the second print.

*Why do I have to sign-up to print some of the coupons?

Most of the companies that have you sign-up for their coupons are doing some kind of research and want to know where the best marketing dollar for their buck is.  Many have online newsletters that they send out to keep you coming back for more. If you don't want the newsletter there is usually a box you can un-check to keep from receiving it. If you worried about spam we suggest you get a junk email address that way you can still get the coupons without the worry.  G-mail & Yahoo are both good.

*How can I save on ink & paper?

Set your printer to preview before you print and print 1 coupon at a time. This way you can cancel the print after the coupon prints and not have to print the ad that sometimes appears at the bottom of the page.

To save paper, I like to trim the first coupon I print off the page then feed the leftover paper through again to print 1 more coupon, then flip the paper over to print the last one.

I get my ink cartridges refilled at Costco. The cost is $7.99-9.99 depending on the cartridge. If you aren't a Costco member, I've also ordered from 123Inkjets with good results.

*When I click on the coupon link, I get the message "sorry there are no prints for this campaign". Why does this happen?

When the vendor releases the coupons they issue a certain number of prints. Once all the prints are gone you will get this message. We leave the coupon link on the web page because the coupon often makes a come back. So, if you see an item you use often check the link periodically. You, might find the coupon has been released again. We do our best to keep you posted on when the coupon becomes available again. If you click on a link that is broken and all you get is a bunch of code, please let us know through the contact link at the top of the page.

*What's a "print limit"

Manufacturers put print limits on most printable coupons. The first limit is how many you can print per computer. It's usually 2, but I always check sometimes they allow  more than 2. Just push your browsers back button to find out.  They also put a limit on the number of coupons released. So when that number has been met the coupon then disappears.

*Is there a secret to getting the High Value coupons before they print out?

Everyone that loves those high value printable's has had this frustration! Especially with the growing demand. Coupons.com seems to release theirs very early in the morning (1:00 am). Yes, I hate to admit it, but I am often up and checking. Redplum seems to go with Sunday's, and we do get warning of most of theirs. We do our best to let you know of what's coming. If you miss one don't get frustrated. I've missed out on many myself.

*What does it mean when you refer to "reset"?

As mentioned previously most coupons have a 2 print limit per computer. Periodically through out a campaign the manufacturer may decide to allow more prints. So, they reset the coupon to print again. Allowing you to print a couple more. We often see this happen just before a coupon campaign ends.

coupon fraud

*Can I photocopy or scan the coupon?

NO! and NO! It's illegal to make photo copies any coupon that has a limit. Read the terms of use you have to check before printing, you'll see they say 1 or 2 per household or person etc... Printable coupons actually have an embedded code that print associated with computer's IP. They are tracked. When you download the required coupon printer you make the agreement not to copy the coupons. Photocopying coupons is the equivalent of printing dollar bills; it’s fraud, plain and simple. Don’t make this mistake.

*Where do I find legitimate coupons and how do I know?

Legal printable coupons will most often be found on the manufactures website, Facebook page or a coupon printing resource like coupons.com. If you aren't printing it from one of those specific places, it's possible it's not legit. If the coupon is super HIGH in value and seems to good to be true it probably is. If you ever have a question about a specific coupon you can check with the CIC (Coupon Information Center) or feel free to post the question on our page and we'll do our best to check it out for you.

Here's a list of the some of the best resources we know for finding and printing legitimate coupons:

Coupons.com - Has $100's of dollars worth of printable coupons. They update and change at random so print them when you see them. Usually a 2 print limit.

SmartSource.com - In addition to their weekly newspaper circular, SmartSource has loads of printable coupons online. These online coupons are a little less time sensitive than the other websites and not as high in value. You often find the same coupon in Sunday's paper. The pull down menu on the "Brand" category is very useful for navigating the site.

Redplum.com - Has fewer coupons than Coupons.com, but still a great resource. New coupons are usually released early Sunday morning. You'll want to hit the site then to get the more popular coupons. Watch out the high value coupons go FAST!

Hopster.com - Hopster allows the user to boost the value of the coupon by performing social actions like sharing.

Common Kindness - Coupons from Common Kindness are for usually for Healthy, Earth Friendly or Organic Foods. To access you need to log in or create a Common Kindness account and choose a charity to support. When you use the coupon, Common Kindness will make a donation to the charity. How cool is that?!

Manufacturers Websites:

Kelloggs.com - Kellogg's releases high value coupons that often don't make it into the weekly circulars. New coupons are added at the first of each month.

Proctor & Gamble - Proctor & Gamble has many printable coupons available on their site. P&G products include, Tide, Crest, Febreeze and more.

BettyCrocker.com - Has coupons specific to Betty Crocker products. Many of which are found on Coupons.com as well. It makes a great second chance at some coupons when 2 prints aren't enough. You will also find fun recipes on this website.

Cambell'sKitchen.com - Has coupons specific to Campbell's products. The coupons on this site are often hard to find. You will also find other coupons and offers on this site as well. Currently there is a $2.00 coupon for a Campbell's cookbook and an offer for FREE music downloads.

Reynold'sKitchen.com - Various coupons from Reynolds Wrap, including foil and baking containers.

Right@Home - Coupons for SE Johnson products that include Glade, Ziploc, Windex and others.

Huggies.com - Huggies coupons and others from Kimberly Scott company.

Crazy4Smiths Coupon Database - Sure, you could go to each companies website. Or, let us do the work for you. Our database is loaded with 1,000's of manufacturer's individual coupons. If there is an item you know you're going to purchase, just search the database before you shop.

No Printer? Check this out:

Newspaper Deal 289

Utah Readers: If you aren't taking the newspaper, you should be. It's the best resource out their for coupons. We have the best current available rates the newspapers have to offer. Usually, you'll receive 1 Smart Source (SS) circular weekly and a circular for Proctor Gamble (PG) comes out monthly. Currently a one year subscription to the Salt Lake Tribune or Deseret News Sunday edition is just $20 for the year! Go here for ordering information.

Newspaper deals for other states will be coming soon. 

Digital and Coupon Apps:

Smith's - These are coupons that can be downloaded on to you Smith's shoppers card only. These coupons can NOT be combined with any other paper coupons, so make sure to keep track of what's on your card

Saving Star - These offers track through your Smith’s shoppers card. When your purchase reaches the required amount, you will get a refund added to your Savings Star account. Then, simply request a payout via PayPal, bank deposit or take an Amazon gift card instead.

App. Savings and Rebate Offers: These smart phone apps. allow you add coupons via mobile device. Add the offer to your account and then purchase as normal. Afterwards simply submit your receipt. The money is then deposited into your account where you can request a payout.




Shopmium: New users enter the code GGAGKCTA and receive a FREE Lindt Chocolate Bar Offer

*Hopefully these tips will help you feel confident on getting started on your money saving journey. If you have more questions, feel free to ask them on Facebook or leave a comment on any post. There are contributors and readers happy to help.

Happy Printing!

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