FREE Bakery Fresh Angel Soft Cake at Smith’s!

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angelYAY! not only did we get a FREE Friday offer from Smith's today, but there's also a digital coupon available to snag a FREE Bakery Fresh Angel Food Cake. Grab some fresh fruit while you're there and you're set!

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5 Responses

  1. Has anyone got this at Smiths and it actually came off? All other coupons that are only on the Kroger site and you have to use the Kroger site to download to Smiths never come off.
    • Heather
      Yes, this coupon is working at ALL Kroger affiliate stores.
      • Thanks, I am embarrassed when I have to void an item so wanted to make sure they are coming off for Smiths stores.
  2. Just a quick question- I've noticed your links for the Smiths coupons have been taking me to the Kroger website instead of Smiths site I am used to. Is there a difference?
    • Hi Danielle, That was a glitch and fixed last week, if you see that happening please let me know. The regular links should be going to Smith's now. This particular offer for the Angel Food cake is only available on the Kroger link, but is for all Kroger affiliated stores. After loading it, you'll be able to see it on your Smith's card though.
NOTE: Keep in mind that Smith's product prices, brands and promotions will vary by region. There are 7 different states with Smith's stores and many different pricing regions. Our pictures come from various stores primarily in the Salt Lake and Las Vegas markets. If you find a variance we love to hear in the comments.

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