FREE Mars Single Candy Bar at Smith’s!

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Sign into your account through Kroger's website and you will be ablt to load a digital coupon for (1) FREE Mars Single Candy Bar! Once it's loaded to your card, next time you shop and purchase the item it will automatically deduct at the register when your shopper's card is scanned. I'm all over that!

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5 Responses

  1. Thanks for letting us know, I thought it was just me. I didn't notice my digital coupon didn't come off until I got home.
  2. The coupon loads onto a Smith's card if you log in thru Kroger but it does not scan when you go to check out by which I mean, it does not get taken off the bill automatically like all other digital coupons. If you complaint to the cashier and show them the digital coupon on your phone, they will take off the 99 cents cost of the candy manually but sometimes they will check with a manager and make a fuss about it. Some cashiers just do it without blinking because I think Smith's has a very customer friendly attitude and will give you the extra buck just because they rather make you happy than get $1 out of you. I shop at my Smith's often and after doing this once, I no longer deal with the Kroger coupons because they know me at Smith's and I don't want to be "that guy".
  3. It's on the Kroger site, not Smiths which is the store I have. If I load it on the Kroger site, it will appear on my Smiths card. I have done this before but the coupon doesn't work.
    • Heather
      It should most definitely work! It always has for me in the past. For peace of mind after you load the coupon, log into your regular Smith's account and you will see it under there in the "my coupons" tab. If it doesn't come off you have the digital as proof to show the customer service desk.
      • Downloaded to my Smiths card. Did shopping at Smiths and bought a Twix and coupon did not come off.
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