Reminder: Huggies Double-Dip Catalinas = 5 Packs of Diapers + 1 Wipes for as low as $13.84 TOTAL (LAST DAY)!!!


I wanted to give you all a heads up on this AMAZING deal that is going on at Smith’s for Huggies Diapers. Right now there is a current Catalina generating on participating Huggies, Pull-Ups or GoodNites Products. When you spend $25 or more in ONE transaction, you will receive a $5 Smith’s coupon at checkout to use on your next in-store purchase.

Well, there is also a get $10 back when you spend $40 on participating baby products Catalina. This Catalina is good to use on your NEXT baby aisle purchase. You will want to print up these NEW RESET Huggies coupons for these AMAZING deals:

**As always, it is confirmed that these Catalina’s are rolling! You can use them on your NEXT purchase in addition to your coupons, and you will receive the same Catalina’s again, and so forth.

huggies coupons

Buy Huggies, Pull-Ups or Goodnites Products (jumbo pack+) Catalina Offer through 4/17 *confirmed*
Spend $25 or more in ONE transaction = $5 Smith’s Coupon


Participating Baby Products Catalina Offer starts 3/23 *confirmed*
Buy $40 or more on participating products = $10 Catalina to use on your NEXT baby purchase

Deal Scenarios:


9 thoughts on “Reminder: Huggies Double-Dip Catalinas = 5 Packs of Diapers + 1 Wipes for as low as $13.84 TOTAL (LAST DAY)!!!”

  1. Went to Provo Smiths and the Catalinas would print sometimes and not for other transactions. It took an hour to try and get my three separate transactions.
    It sounds like others had problems this go around. THe cashiers weren’t really wanting to figure it out until I pressured them.

  2. I just tried to do scenario 2, and the cashier would not take my $4/2 coupon because she took the others and told me I cannot double dip. Is there somewhere that I can find “best practices” of couponing and what is right?

  3. Today I went to Smith’s and my plan of attack involved getting 3 catalinas (baby aisle $10, Huggies $5, and Colgate $2.

    None of them printed!! I went to Customer service and thankfully woman there took care of me.

    I used all paper coupons and I have received the baby aisle catalina before no problem (2 kids under 2!) It’s worth noting that the customer service woman said she had tried to get these catalinas using digital coupons and it messed her up and she didn’t get one. She made it sound like the digi coupon gets subtracted earlier in the transaction, so it’s harder to hit the $40 target.

    1. Yes, for threshold Catalinas like this Smith’s digital coupons will subtract from the amount spent. This is why I do not put them in the scenario match-ups. I should make note of it so everyone is aware though.

      Glad you were able to get taken care of!

  4. When does this deal end? I see that the $5 Catalina is set to run through 4/17, but I am wondering if the diapers go off sale before then? Thanks for the help.

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