Load Your Limit 5 Smith’s Digital Coupons!

limit 5

Don’t forget to load your limit 5 Smith’s digital coupons this morning. Starting today, Smith’s is having a mini “save even more with digital coupons” event. These special eCoupons can be loaded to your shopper’s card starting today, and are available for redemption through 3/20. All special digital offers are marked “use up to 5 times” along the top of the digital coupon.

You can use these special eCoupons up to 5x in ONE transaction. You cannot redeem them in different transactions, or on different days. For example: if you choose to buy only 2 of a product, the digital coupon will apply to those two items, and then it will disappear out of your account. So, plan accordingly!

limit 5 q

**Also, as a friendly reminder, it is against store policy to stack paper coupons with digital coupons. You may use one or the other.

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