Nestle Pure Life Water (24-pack) 63¢ each at Smith’s ~ Starts TODAY 1/24!!!

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This deal was in the match-ups list I posted the other day, but I wanted to highlight it in it's own post, since we don't see deals like this very often. These 24-packs on Nestle Pure Life Water are going to cost as low as 63¢ each after coupon and Catalina offer when the new buy 6, save $3 mega sale started today, 1/24.

That's a CRAZY price and you'd better get your coupons ready now to snag the deal once the sale starts!


Catalina Details: Buy participating Nestle Pure Life Water Multipacks (8 oz multipacks, 24 ct or higher & .5 liter multipacks, 15 ct or higher)
Effective through 2/18
Buy 2 = $1 Catalina
Buy 3 = $2 Catalina
Buy 4 or more = $3 Catalina

**If you'd rather not find 2 other mega event filler items for the above scenario, then do this deal on 6 packs of water for 88¢ each:

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14 Responses

  1. J
    Anyone else having nothing but problems with catalina support trying to get them to send the catalina thy are being extremly complicated i have mvwr before had such issue swith them they are demanding i send them the sale ad in email and sent in original ticket oiver 10 days ago with the reciets and everything they are trying not to fulfil it more then anything i think im not real happy never had this problem before trying to get it
  2. I called the Catalina marketing number for help because it did not print for me either(1/26). I had also submitted my receipt online the day before since I did the deal that day as well, with no Catalina print. (1/25) The lady i spoke with confirmed that the deal had been "turned off" and was no longer printing, but did not have an explanation as to why. So, $1.38 ea for 24 packs of bottled water is still a good deal. Very disappointing though, since the print was supposed to go through 2/18.
    • I called Catalina too because mine didn't print either - and they told me the same thing. Is there a way to check to make sure the promotion is still running before I buy products in the future?
  3. Mine didn't print today. Darn.
  4. Mine didn't print
  5. I did this today and did not get the Catalina either.
  6. Didn't print for me when I tried it today. I bought 3...all that was in the store.
    • Heather
      The Catalina is definitely printing. Either the machine was turned off or it was out of paper. You can still get your Catalina coupon by submitting a claim through support. Save your receipt and submit your claim within 3 days of purchase. They will mail you your coupon if they find it should have printed.
      • Kay
        My catalina didnt print for the nestle life water.I purchase 4/ 24 pack cases.So i submit my receipts to catalina got my ticket.but they now saying i need to send picture of the ad. Or promotion from my store.Did anybody else had this issue.TIA
        • They sent me an email saying the same thing , were you able to find last weeks ad? I'm wondering can it say kroger instead of smiths, since its an affiliate store.
          • J
            I got that email to dmt know what to do
  7. Meg
    This catalina didn't print for me today. What can I do about it?
    • Heather
      Save your receipt and submit a claim through Catalina marketing within 3 days. After approval they will mail you your Catalina coupon.
  8. What a deal! Thank you so much!
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