NEW Soda Pop Coupon = 2 Liters for $0.67 at Smith’s!

soda pop coupon

Grab this NEW 7Up Soda Pop printable coupon and take it to Smith’s where you’ll find the 2 liters on sale for $1.00. When you redeem the coupon at the register your out of pocket cost will drop to $0.67 each!

You can also use this coupon on the 7Up 12-packs that are on sale 3/$10 (must buy 3 to receive this price). If you are able to get a hold of three prints (requires two computer), the 12-packs will cost just $2.33 each!

pepsi 2 liter


2 thoughts on “NEW Soda Pop Coupon = 2 Liters for $0.67 at Smith’s!”

  1. Learn from my mistake moment: I printed out two coupons and headed to Smith’s and bought three 12 packs of soda. Since the pictures above show Pepsi and 7up together I thought the 3 for $10 deal would work for 2 Ruby Red Squirt (coupons) and a Diet Pepsi. I suspected something was up when the 7up was in the coke aisle. Long story short they don’t go together and I paid $5 each minus $2 with coupons, so $13 vice $8. Wamp wamp.

    1. Total whoops! I’m betting your store would be willing to help fix it if you brought the product back to the store. Depends on if its worth the hassle to save the few bucks. Sometimes I just don’t have the time 🙂

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