Shopping with CRAZY 4 Smith’s – 24 items for FREE + $4.14 Moneymaker!

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This deal is just too good not to share with you all.I went and did a little trip this morning. I bought 24 mega event items and paid just $1.36 for them at the register after all coupons! After I paid, a $4 and a $1 Catalina to use on my next in-store purchase spit out at the register. I came home and submitted my Ibotta rebate for the Arrowhead Water. After factoring in the Catalina and rebate savings - you'll be making a whopping $4.14 on this deal!

Below are all the details and coupon resources needed to score this exact same deal yourself. You will need access to two computer to print enough coupons for this deal:

trip deal

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8 Responses

  1. Thanks for the great info! I did the deal and used the catalinas to buy meat from the markdown section!
    • Heather
      You are welcome! That's a PERFECT way to utilize these Catalinas!
  2. I'm having trouble printing the coupons for the Power Bars. Anyone else having trouble? I work at a school and have access to several computers and I can not get them to print from any of them. I have also tried on my home computers and still nothing. I just get a message saying that an unknown application error occurred.... on every computer I've tried. Suggestions?
    • Heather
      In order to get the coupon to print, you will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader DC installed. Once installed, restart your computer and you should be able to print.
  3. Thank you so much for the time and effort to put this together. I followed this formula this morning and donated the free Power Bars and rice to the Airman's pantry (I'm Air Force) and kept the catalinas for myself. This site has turned me on to the couponer lifestyle ?
    • Heather
      You are so welcome! I'm so glad it was of use to you. I totally love that you used your talent to help others! Happy Couponing!
  4. Did a deal somewhat like this today... Got 12 PowerBars--used 3 coupons to make them FREE+got a $3 Catalina! Did the Treetop Applesauce deal--74cents each. Did the Meatball deal--49cents each. Got some Gerber baby food and cereal--used coupons and got a $2 Catalina. Got a couple other Mega Deal items too... Anyway, when I got done, the cashier said, "Alright, that'll be 80dollars and..." But right then the total started going down with the Mega Deal sale pricing, then the digital coupons came off, THEN I handed him my stack of coupons! My total for a cartful of (name brand!) stuff ended up being right at $20! The cashier's jaw hit the floor and he asked, " did you DO that??" And I said, "Oh, there's just this awesome blog I follow." ;-) Sorry for the "novel"--but thanks for all you do!! I was always a pretty savvy shopper, but following your blog has def taken it to the next level--THANK YOU!!
    • Heather
      LOVE the story! It's an amazing feeling to see the total drop so low. Thanks for sharing! I'm SO glad you find the website helpful! It makes it all worth it! HAPPY COUPONING!
NOTE: Keep in mind that Smith's product prices, brands and promotions will vary by region. There are 7 different states with Smith's stores and many different pricing regions. Our pictures come from various stores primarily in the Salt Lake and Las Vegas markets. If you find a variance we love to hear in the comments.

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