Smith’s 2 Week Caselot Sale FULL Inclusions List

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Smith's is back with their "Buy by the case Caselot Sale". The sale will run for 2 full weeks, through 9/12. Sometimes the FULL case purchase is required to receive the price per unit listed, but not always.

Here is the FULL inclusions list, and as promised I took the time to mark all items that DO NOT require you to buy the whole case to get the price per unit listed. Sometimes we don't want the whole case or have coupons we'd like to redeem. Knowing what doesn't require the case purchase makes shopping planning a whole lot easier!

Happy Stocking Up!

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9 Responses

  1. Why don't u have caselot sale on butter, logs of hamburger, sandwich cheese. I never see that.
  2. Thank you for this information! I feel like I need to stop at my Smith's customer service to double check, though, because my ad clearly states "Case purchases only. Must purchase case to receive advertised price." My next question will be whether I can mix and match to make a case. For example, I would want to mix and match different Pillsbury cake mix flavors. Anyone know if this is allowed?
    • Heather
      Yes, you can!
  3. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this! It helps so much!
    • Heather
      You're welcome :)
  4. So is this for this week? I noticed the comments were from like 6 months ago. I am just wondering where the full list is? I can find an ad from smiths that only shows about half of what you listed above.
    • Heather
      This is the current list. I update this exact post every time the caselot sale comes around to keep it ONE current post. Don't let the comments throw you off.
  5. Just an FYI at the Smith's I go to in Syracuse they only offer ONE kind of soup for the Campbell's Chunky Soup and that is Clam Chowder, I was hoping there would be more of a variety :(
    • Heather
      Kairy, You should be able to build your own case with whatever variety you like and still get the caselot price. It might be worth a shot asking next time you head to Smith's :)
NOTE: Keep in mind that Smith's product prices, brands and promotions will vary by region. There are 7 different states with Smith's stores and many different pricing regions. Our pictures come from various stores primarily in the Salt Lake and Las Vegas markets. If you find a variance we love to hear in the comments.

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