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clicklist review

Have you heard about Smith's online ordering program called ClickList? It's been around for a few months now and I've heard so many people rave about how much they LOVE it! I'm not sure why it has taken me so long to get around to trying this service, I think partly because I was skeptical how well it would work for a coupon-er. There are some GREAT things about this service, but there are also some kinks to be worked out. Here's what I discovered:

how it works clicklist

How ClickList Works

Start by going to Smith's website and click on the "ClickList" tab and login to your Smith's account. Select you store, then use the search bar to locate the grocery items you're looking for. Simply add your items to your cart that you would like to purchase. As I was browsing I did not notice any price difference from in-store pricing, both advertised and unadvertised.

After completing your shopping you'll be asked to schedule a date and time of delivery. You'll receive a confirmation of your purchase immediately via email. When you arrive at your store, follow the signs to the ClickList pickup area and call the number on the sign to let them know you’ve arrived. An Associate will bring your order out to your vehicle. They’ll deduct your paper coupons (if you have coupons it will take a bit longer to be on your way), swipe your card, load your groceries, and you’ll be on your way in minutes! Please note: ClickList orders accept credit or debit cards ONLY.

What Are The Fees For Using ClickList?

It’s just $4.95 per order, but your first three orders are FREE! Trust me, you will definitely save this much, or even more by not stepping foot into the store and giving in to those impulse purchases.

Do I Earn Fuel Points on ClickList Purchases?

Yes! ClickList orders count toward your fuel points just like in-store purchases.

Can You Use Coupons with ClickList?

YES! The Smith's employee immediately asked me if I had any coupons for her. She manually deducted them and my digital coupons automatically deducted like they do at the register. While you are paying for your order they load your car, and that's it! It's a wonderful thing for busy moms and those that have to quickly hit the store after work.

Will my Catalina's Print with ClickList?

I tested the current Huggies Catalina with my ClickList purchase and discovered upon talking with the associate that they DO NOT have a Catalina machine set up for ClickList purchases. I was quite disappointed with this and had to go back into the store to get my Catalinas taken care of. If you are planning on receiving Catalinas you might want to skip ClickList and dsave those purchases for in-store.

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ClickList will save your items that you add over time in your profile, and initially pops up with "sale items for you." These are items that you frequently buy with you shopper's card. It makes shopping much quicker and easier. ClickList also features a special notes section, where you can add special requests. You can include instructions like how ripe you’d like your bananas, the specific weight of your grapes, how thin you’d like your deli meat sliced, etc.

How Do My Perishables Stay Fresh Before I Pick Up?

Perishable items like meat and produce are selected by associates shortly before your order is scheduled for pickup. Your items will be stored for maximum freshness, including refrigeration for items that require it.

What if an Item in My Order is Out of Stock?

ClickList associates are trained to make proper substitutions for out of stock items, so your order will always have the items you need, as close to your original order as possible. The associate will let you know of any substitutions before you pay. Also, when you place your order online, you can indicate whether you would like to allow substitutions.

Overall I think ClickList is a great option when you're too busy to get the store, or struggle shopping with the kids. I was very pleased with the produce I received. It came out as well as if I had picked it myself. One of my favorite pluses with this program was how much quicker building a grocery list was, rather than heading to the store looking for all your items. I also loved how easy it was to use coupons with my purchase,; however, if you are purchasing items with the intention of receiving a Catalina, be advised those will not print for you.

Have you tried Smith's ClickList? What did you think?

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21 Responses

  1. Don't order clicklis from instacart!!! BIG MISTAKE!!! My Smiths uses instacart for delivery service, they use to deliver themselves but now they use instacart to shop and deliver their groceries My total was almost $150 with ad items it should have been about $97 but to my surprise you don't get the ad price with instacart you end up paying full price for your groceries I am so done with Smiths I will never buy from Smiths again you are better off ordering from Vons or Albertsons plus instacart charges about $20 for the device fee.
  2. Dan
    I have order from smith clickit list about 20 time most of the items are found with no problem but on every order there are about 5 to 7 items they can’t find. Now the really question is how can smith just not know where a item is. We are talking a billion dollar company. This just defies all logic I work for a company that builds 7,000,000 parts a with 20 to 30 sup parts and I can tell you how many bolts are in inventory at 3:12 and that count would be accurate to the last bolt.
  3. I have used ClickList several times and although I have had a few issues up until now nothing major. However they have apparently redone the web site and the Special instructions box is no longer readily available. For many meat items they aren'y even telling us the price per pound. For instance when I clicked on a Ham I was interested in buying there was just a picture of the ham, and information saying something like "about $25". It did not tell me how much it was per pound or state just how large that $25 ham is. I had that problem with many meat and produce items I wanted to buy. I want to know exactly what I am buying, what size and how much per pound.
  4. Not Impressed! Walmart pickup is FREE and much more organized (and their prices are cheaper)!
  5. I used this service twice with two vastly different results. First time was great - everything on my list was in stock, produce was good quality, service was fast & friendly. I was in & out in five minutes & pretty much thought this was the best thing ever. Then my second order happened. I placed my order online on Tuesday 9/12 and selected Thursday 9/14 6:00-7:00 pm for my pickup time. I arrived four minutes early & placed the call to let them know I was there. I was told my order was not ready & would not be ready until "at least 7:00". What?!! So am I supposed to sit there for an hour? Drive home & come back an hour later & hope it's ready? I was not happy at all. Instead of saving time this service totally wasted my time. I cancelled the order & left. I filled out a customer feedback form online & received a stock response back saying they would answer my email in the order it was received. It's now 9/16 & I still haven't heard back from them. Smith's has now lost me as a customer.
    • I was told that they are able to be done anytime within the hour that you've scheduled. I'm not sure why anyone would show up at the earlier time and then be mad because they weren't finished. When I do pick up(versus them dropping it off) I call to see that it is finished before driving. It isn't there fault that you showed up at 6 and they weren't finished. They have the entire time block to complete our orders. Sorry, but this is on you, not Smith's. No I'm not an employee. I own my own business and complaints like this is just ridiculous. In this instance, it's all your fault. Call if you plan on being there at the earlier time.
  6. A few weeks ago as I was walking into my favorite Smith's store I noticed three vehicles waiting in the grocery pickup area. I stopped and asked one of the drivers how they liked the pick-up service. She replied that it was wonderful and she uses it about 3-4 times a month. I decided to give the service a shot yesterday. Building the shopping list on-line was simple and an hour later I was at the pick-up point with a car full of groceries. I'm sold, it's certainly worth $ 4.99 just for the convenience alone.
    • Heather
      Thanks for the feedback :)
    • C.L
      When I picked up one of my orders I talked with the employee for bit. She told me that when she goes on vacations and she has a home rental she will do her order the day before and schedules her pick up to be done on her arrival day. I loved this! We rent homes all the time and I feel like I waste my first day shopping. I will always do this when available!
  7. Please bring ClickList to one of the two Santa Fe, NM stores!!'
  8. I've used clicklist a few times, and it has been great each time. I hate to grocery shop; our market is always jam packed regardless the day or time. I was very impressed that the veggies that were put in my order were very fresh looking - that was the thing I was concerned about is whether they'd be as picky about the veggies as I am -- no problem there. I'll definitely be using it again. I haven't been able to use paper coupons, but using digital is easy, and I've put together shopping lists based on mega sales that worked very well.
    • A follow-up to my earlier comment - I Clicklisted this week, and they told me that they now take Expired coupons!
  9. Awesome information. Ours Smiths doesn't have it yet but I think after they remodel they will!!! So glad it will work with coupons!
  10. I love clicklist. I use it weekly, and as a couponer it works just fine. The only concern, which has all. Ready been mentioned is that the site doesn't say the mega sale price etc. I like that if the "sale/coupon" product is out of stock you will get the sale price and coupon used towards what the replacement was. I also like that they take their time looking for good produce and meat.
    • Heather
      Yes, I too wish it was easy to see which items are part of a mega sale while ordering on ClickList. There are so many mega events that I think it would be worth them fixing that. For me, the concern with substitutions for mega items is not getting the mega savings discount because your items are off.
  11. I've used Clicklist at least 10 times. It was especially helpful when I was pregnant. Running around a store with children gets a little crazy. I tend to use it 1 - 2 times a month and have also learned a few things: -The receipt they print doesn't always work for some of the rebate apps. It doesn't always have a total and date on it. -When I have an item that I'd like to purchase but because it has a great coupon match up is usually out-of-stock by the time I make it to the store, I can usually get that item in a larger size for the same price through ClickList. -I save a lot of time by not having to find the right size/brand/quantity to match up with a coupon. It's a lot easier to find what I need online and not have to figure out what aisle and area the item is on. -They have some quirks with searching for items online. If you search for "rootbeer" it might pull up just one item, but if you search by dept and narrow it down to carbonated beverages then you'll see a lot more. -Give as many details as possible. We like our bananas as small and green as possible so giving instructions on the items helps them choose what you want. -Use the "substitutions" but give instructions. I once tried to buy candy eyeballs and left it open to substitutions. They were out, but since I clicked the "substitutions ok", they gave me candy mustaches instead. That didn't work for the thing I was making, so they took it off very easily. -Some people get hung up on picking certain things out on their own instead of having an employee do it for them. I really struggle with meats. I like to look at it and see if it is the right size for what I'm doing. Often I'll go in to buy my meat, then go pick up my ClickList. Still easier. -Remember that the person picking out your items may not be into cooking. One time I had requested a can of Spicy Orange Chicken sauce and put in the substitution comments that I was making Orange chicken so any orange sauce would do. I didn't realize until I got home and unpacked that they had substituted with an african dish sauce...that was orange in color...not what I meant, but if you don't cook you would have taken it literally. -The Mega Sale prices and $5 off 10 or whatever are not listed on the website where you choose items. You can see most other sale prices, but sometimes you just have to take Crazy4Smith's word that it is on sale and it does get taken off when you go pick up -I love that they now offer same day pick up. -If you forgot to add that one item you needed, you can just call when you get there and ask if they can add it. -I've never come across a rude associate. They have Always been extremely polite, quick to help and always ask if there is anything else they can do to make the experience a better one for me.
    • Heather
      Wonderful! Thanks so much for your insights. I found this very helpful :)
  12. I was unsure about using it too but after my baby at 2 weeks old got RSV and was in the hospital for a week I tried it to get ingredients to make a special dinner for my hubbys bday and like you said I was very impressed with the quality of produce because I am a produce snob!!! I look over everything ten times before I put it in my cart but they did great! It's super fast, easy and I didn't impulse buy anything!!!!
    • Heather
      YES! That's what I loved about this service!
  13. Thank you for this information! I have been wanting to try Click-List but wasn't sure how it would work with couponing. Now I know! Love your site!
    • Heather
      You are so welcome Stephanie :)
NOTE: Keep in mind that Smith's product prices, brands and promotions will vary by region. There are 7 different states with Smith's stores and many different pricing regions. Our pictures come from various stores primarily in the Salt Lake and Las Vegas markets. If you find a variance we love to hear in the comments.

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