Smith’s Must Do Deals Shopping List

must do

Here’s a list of the can’t miss deals going on at Smith’s. These are the Smith’s Buy 6, Save $3 Mega Sale deals that everyone should be adding to their shopping lists! Not all the items in this list are from the mega sale. All mega items are clearly marked. This list is categorized by FREEbies, $1 or under deals and other GREAT stock-up prices!

View the FULL list of Smith;s Mega sale deals HERE >>



22 thoughts on “Smith’s Must Do Deals Shopping List”

    1. It sounds like it’s a glitch in their system. When I bought the item, it did not come off at the register. All I had to do was open the app in my phone to show them the offer. They were very nice about giving it to me for free. It’s frustrating when offers don’t work the way they’re supposed to ๐Ÿ™

    1. They were part of the mega sale, and there was an overlapping up to 5 times digital offer. Smith’s caught the mistake and has since removed them from the mega sale. So, yes this deal is no longer valid ๐Ÿ™

  1. Just a few updates. At least for me the band-aid, gogurt and almond breeze coupons are gone. Also the fiber one and nature valley didn’t come up as mega items. Anyone else have this issue?

    1. Yes, the granola bars were removed from the mega sale because of the overlapping up to 5 times digital. I’ll remove those deals from the list.

  2. There’s a $0.40/4 can Swanson Broth in the 11/5 SS that pairs up with this sale too, making them $0.39 each. Don’t know what a great price is, but I go through broth quickly!

    1. Yes, your store will most likely not accept the coupon without a barcode. That’s unusual for it to print without a barcode. I did not have that same problem. I wish I could tell you why your printed like that, and how to fix it.

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