Smith’s Unadvertised Mega Event Deals 11/4 – 11/17/2015

buy 10

Here’s the updated Shopping list of the BEST Smith’s advertised and unadvertised Mega Event Deals. This is the FINAL week of the Buy 10 Save $5 Instantly Mega Sale! Checkout the shopping list for all the updated NEW coupons that have popped up for the last week of the sale!

There are SO MANY items store-wide that are at rock-bottom prices! This is the best time to get your Thanksgiving and holiday shopping done! If you wait until the week of the holiday, you will be paying more for just about everything!


7 thoughts on “Smith’s Unadvertised Mega Event Deals 11/4 – 11/17/2015”

      1. I’m still seeing the eCoupon available to load to your shopper’s card this morning. You must create an account and be signed in to be able to load the offers to your shopper’s card. if you have not yet created an account yet online, go HERE to do that:

  1. I can’t find the hefty slider ziploc coupon you say is in Red plum 11/1 I have looked in both the purina dog one and the rumbi one. I also looked in 11/1 smart source just in case. No hefty coupons. Please help!

    1. Coupons tend to be regional (especially the higher value ones). Not every area may have received this coupon. There definitely were regions (even in Utah) that received this coupon. Sorry you weren’t able to locate it in your paper! Be sure to grab the prints though, because $0.49 is an AWESOME stock-up price on these!

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