Sunday Coupon Preview 3/19/2017 – TWO Inserts

Sunday Coupon Preview

Here’s this weekends Coupons Insert Preview 3/19/2017. We should see TWO inserts this Sunday: (1) Smart Source & (1) Red Plum. Here’s a list of what coupons you can expect to see. What actually appears in your local Sunday newspaper can vary by region, so use this as a guide only.

Smart Source, 3/19/2017

  • Afrin $1/1 Product (Exp. 4/16)
  • Afrin $2/1 Product (Exp. 3/26)
  • Aleve $4/1 Product 80ct or larger (Exp. 3/26)
  • Aleve $2/1 Aleve or Aleve PM 40ct+ (Exp. 4/2)
  • Aleve $3/1 PM 20 ct -or- Larger (Exp. 5/15)
  • Aleve $3/1 Direct Therapy Refill Gel Packs (Exp. 5/31)
  • Alka-Seltzer $1/1 Product 12ct or more (Exp. 4/16)
  • Alka-Seltzer $3/1 Plus Multi-Symptom Cold & Flu (Exp. 4/2)
  • Alka-Seltzer $1/1 Plus Product(Exp. 4/16)
  • Blink Revitalens $3/1 Multi-purpose Disinfecting Solution 10oz. -or- Complete Multi-Purpose Solution 12oz (Exp. 4/24)
  • Blink Revitalens $5/1 Multi-Purpose Disinfecting Solution 20oz. or one(1) Complete Multi-Purpose Solution 24oz (Exp. 4/24)
  • Blink $3/1 Tears or Tears Preservative Free -or- GelTears Lubricating Eye Drops -or- Blink-N-Clean Lens Drops -or- Contacts Lubricating Eye Drops (Exp. 4/24)
  • Blink $3/1 Lid Wipes (Exp. 4/24)
  • Cerave $4/1 Skin Renewing Day Cream, Skin Renewing Gel Oil, Skin Renewing Cream Serum -or- Skin Renewing Night Cream (Exp. 5/6)
  • Cerave $4/1 Baby Product (Exp. 5/6)
  • Cerave $3/1 Cream, Lotion -or- Cleanser (Exp. 5/6)
  • Cerave $4/1 Healing Ointment (excludes .35oz single ointment) (Exp. 5/6)
  • Citrical $4/1 Product (excludes 100ct petites & 60ct maximum) (Exp. 4/1)
  • Clarispray $4/1 Any Clarispray (Exp. 4/16)
  • Clarispray $10/1 120 Sprays (Exp. 3/26)
  • Claritin $10/1 Non-drowsy Claritin 70ct only (Exp. 3/26)
  • Claritin $6/1 Non-drowsy Claritin-D 15ct+ (Exp. 3/26)
  • Claritin $4/1 Non-drowsy Claritin or Claritin-D 15ct+ (Exp. 4/16)
  • Claritin $4/1 Non-drowsy Children’s Claritin 8oz -or- 20ct+ (Exp. 3/25)
  • Claritin $2/1 Non-drowsy Children’s Claritin 4oz -or- 20ct+ (Exp. 4/16)
  • Edge -or- Skintimate $1/1 Shave Gel (excludes 2.75 oz) (Exp. 4/9)
  • Flintstones $4/1 Multivitamin (Exp. 4/15)
  • General Mills $1/3 boxes of Big G or Nature Valley Cereal (Exp. 4/29)
  • Glidden $5/2 Gallons of High Endurance Interior & Glidden High Endurance Plus Exterior Paint, Grab N Go & Tintablee Bases – All Sheens (Exp. 4/16)
  • Glidden $2/1 Gallon of High Endurance Interior & Glidden High Endurance Plus Exterior Paint, Grab N Go & Tintablee Bases – All Sheens (Exp. 4/16)
  • Huggies $3/2 Packages of Diapers (excludes 9ct or less) (Exp. 4/1)
  • Huggies $3/2 Packages of Little Snugglers or Little Movers Diapers (excludes 9ct or less) (Exp. 4/1)
  • Huggies $1/2 Packages of Wipes 56ct or higher (Exp. 4/1)
  • Jose Ole $1/1 Taquitos or Snacks 16oz+ (Exp. 6/15)
  • Jose Ole $1.50/2 Taquitos or Snacks 16oz+ (Exp. 6/15)
  • Kerasal $4/1 Fungal Nail Renewal (Exp. 5/30)
  • Kerasal $2/1 Intensive Foot Repair (Exp. 5/30)
  • Kotex $1/1 Package U by Kotex Pads ets (Exp. 4/22)
  • Kotex $1/1 Package U by Kotex Liners (not valid on 14-22ct or travel/trial sizes) (Exp. 4/22)
  • Kotex $1/1 Package U by Kotex Tampons (not valid on trial/travel sizes) (Exp. 4/22)
  • Land O Frost $0.50/1 DeliSnackers (Exp. 4/22)
  • Land O Frost $0.40/1 DeliSnackers (Exp. 5/6)
  • Lysol $1/1 Power & Fresh 6 ct (Exp. 4/25)
  • Lysol  $0.50/2 Disinfecting Wipes (Exp. 4/25)
  • Lysol $0.50/2 Any Toilet Bowl Cleaner Products (Exp. 4/25)
  • MiraLAX $2/1 Product 10ct+ (Exp. 4/16)
  • MiraFIBER $2/1 Product (Exp. 4/16)
  • Mitchum $1/1 Antiperspirant/Deodorant Products ets (Exp. 4/2)
  • Mitchum $2/1 Clinical (excludes Smart Solid) (Exp. 4/2)
  • Nabisco $1/2 Packages Good Thins Snacks Any variety 5.5oz or larger (Exp. 4/24)
  • Nature Valley $0.50/2 Granola Bars, Backpacker, Oatmeal Bites or Granola Cups  boxes Any flavor/variety 5ct or larger (Exp. 5/13)
  • Nonni’s $1/2 THINaddictives (Exp. 5/19)
  • Nonni’s $1/2 Biscotti (Exp. 5/19)
  • OGX $1/1 Hair Care Item ets (valid 3/20/17-5/20/17)
  • OGX $3/2 Hair Care Items ets (valid 3/20/17-5/20/17)
  • One A Day $2/1 Kids Product (Exp. 4/15)
  • One A Day $2/1 Product (Exp. 4/15)
  • Phillips $2/1 Colon Health or Fiber Good Gummies Product (excludes Phillips Colon Health 12ct) (Exp. 4/16)
  • Pop Secret $1/2 Any 3-pack or higher dnd (Exp. 5/14)
  • Pop Secret $0.75/1 Any 6-pack or higher dnd (Exp. 5/14)
  • Resolve $0.50/1 Carpet Stain Remover or High Traffic Foam Product (Exp. 5/20)
  • Resolve $0.75/1 Pet Carpet Stain Product or High Traffic Foam Product (Exp. 5/20)
  • Resolve $2/1 Carpet Cleaner Machine Solution 60oz (Exp. 5/20)
  • Revlon $2/1 Colorsilk Buttercream (Exp. 4/2)
  • Revlon $1/2 Hair Color (Exp. 4/2)
  • Rubbermaid $2/1 Brilliance Storage Container dnd (Exp. 5/14)
  • Rubbermaid $5/1 Brilliance Storage set 6pc or larger (Exp. 5/14)
  • Schick $3/1 Hydro Silk Razor or Refill (excludes Disposables and Schick Men’s Razor or Refill) (Exp. 4/5)
  • Schick $3/1 Hydro Silk Trimstyle Razor (excludes Disposables and Schick Men’s Razor) (Exp. 4/5)
  • Schick $3/1 Hydro 5 or Hydro Silk Disposable Razor Pack (Exp. 4/5)
  • Schick $3/1 Asst’d Schick Razors (Exp. 4/5)
  • Schick $3/1 Men’s Razor or Refill excludes disposables and Shick Women’s Razor or Refill (Exp. 4/9)
  • Scoop Away $2/1 Products 25lbs (Exp. 4/8)
  • TruBiotics $2/1 Product (Exp. 4/15)
  • Wonderful $0.50/1 Halos 2lbs or larger (Exp. 4/19)
  • Zegerid $8/1 OTC 42ct Product (Exp. 4/16)
  • Zegerid $3/1 OTC Product 14ct or more (Exp. 4/16)
  • Zest $0.50/1 Fruitboost Shower Gel or Body Scrub dnd (Exp. 4/17)
  • Zest $0.50/1 Zest or Coast 3-pk or Larger dnd (Exp. 4/17)
  • Zest $0.50/1 Zest or Coast Body Wash dnd (Exp. 4/17)

Red Plum, 3/19/2017

  • Axe $2/1 Body Spray Product (excludes twin packs and trial/travel sizes) (Exp. 4/16)
  • Axe $1.25/1 Antiperspirant/Deodorant Stick or Dry Spray Product (excludes twin packs and trial/travel sizes) (Exp. 4/16)
  • Axe $2.50/1 Hair Care Product ets (Exp. 4/16)
  • Axe $1/1 Body Wash Product ets (Exp. 4/2)
  • Clear $1/1 Shampoo or Conditioner ets (Exp. 4/16)
  • Dove $1/1 Beauty Bar Product 4pk or larger (excludes Men+Care and trial/travel sizes) (Exp. 4/2)
  • Dove $1/1 Body Wash 22oz or larger -or- Dove Shower Foam 13.5oz or larger (excludes Men+Care and trial/travel sizes) (Exp. 4/2)
  • Dove $1.50/1 Clinical Protection Deodorant Product (excludes Men+Care, twin packs and trial & travel sizes) (Exp. 4/16)
  • Dove $1/1 Advanced Care Deodorant Poduct(excludes Men+Care, twin packs and travel/trial sizes) (Exp. 4/16)
  • Dove $3/2 Hair Care Products (excludes Men+Care, DermaCare and trial/travel sizes) (Exp. 4/8)
  • Dove $3/2 Hair DermaCare Scalp Products (excludes Men+Care and non-Dove DermaCare products and trial/travel sizes) (Exp. 4/8)
  • Dove Men+Care $1.50/1 Bar Pack 6ct+ -or- Body Wash Product ets (Exp. 4/2)
  • Dove Men+Care $1/1 Deodorant Stick (excludes twin packs and trial & travel sizes) (Exp 4/16)
  • Dove Men+Care $2/1 Shampoo -or- Conditioner Product ets (Exp. 4/15)
  • L’Oreal $2/1 Paris Excellence or Excellence Age Perfect Haircolor Product (Exp. 4/15)
  • Nature’s Bounty $1/1 Dietary Supplement (Exp. 6/19)
  • Nature’s Bounty $1/1 Vitamin -or- Supplement (Exp. 5/26)
  • Nature’s Bounty $1/1 Optimal Solutions Product (Exp. 5/26)
  • Quilted Northern $0.25/1 Ultra Plush Bath Tissue 6pk Double Rolls or Larger (Exp. 4/19)
  • Quilted Northern $0.50/1 Ultra Soft & Strong Bath Tissue 6pk Double Rolls or Larger (Exp. 4/19)
  • Simple Cleanser or Moisturizer Product 25ct Buy one, get one FREE ets (Exp. 4/2)
  • Skittles $0.50/2 Easter Skittles, Starburst, Hubba Bubba and/or Extra Products dnd (Exp. 4/16)
  • St. Ives $1/1 Body Wash, Scrub, Lotion -or- Face Care Product ets (Exp. 4/16)
  • Starburst $1/2 bags of Starburst Jellybeans 13-14oz dnd (Exp. 4/16)
  • Suave $1/1 Suave Men Hair Care Product ets (Exp. 3/31)
  • Suave $0.75/1 Suave Men Body Wash (Exp. 3/31)
  • Suave $1/1 Body Lotion ets (Exp. 4/15)
  • Suave $0.50/1 Clinical Protection Antiperspirant/Deodorant Stick (excludes Suave Men, 1.4oz Deodorant and trial/travel sizes) (Exp. 4/16)
  • Suave $1/1 Kids Hair Care Product ets (Exp. 3/31)
  • Suave $1/1 Hair Styling Products – includes Suave Professionals Styling Products (Exp. 4/8)
  • Suave Professionals $2/2 Gold Hair Care Products (excludes 2oz & travel/trial sizes) (Exp. 4/8)
  • Suave Professionals $2/2 Hair Care Products (excludes 2oz trial & travel sizes) (Exp. 4/8)
  • TRESemme $3/2 Shampoo, Conditioner -or- Styling Products ets (Exp. 4/1)
  • TRESemme Buy One Expert Range Product; Buy ONE, Get ONE TRESemme Expert Range Product FREE – Up to $5.99 ets (Exp. 4/1)
  • Vaseline $2/1 Men Lotion 10oz+ (excludes Spray Lotion and travel/trial sizes) (Exp. 4/2)
  • XYZAL $3/1 Allergy 24HR 10ct -or- Childrens 5oz (Exp. 4/2)
  • XYZAL $5/1 Allergy 24HR 35ct + Product (Exp. 4/2)

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